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First, the industrial sewage treatment equipment Product Features:
1, a full set of equipment can be buried in the frozen layer below or placed on the ground, the top of the equipment can be used as green or other land, do not need to build housing and heating, insulation.
2, two biological contact oxidation process are used to push the flow of biological contact oxidation, the treatment effect is better than fully mixed or two series of fully mixed biological contact oxidation tank. And less than the volume of activated sludge pool, the adaptability of water quality, impact resistance load performance, water quality and stability, will not produce sludge expansion. The use of new elastic three-dimensional filler in the pool, the specific surface area, microbial easy to hang film, stripping, in the same organic load conditions, the organic matter removal rate, can improve the oxygen in the air solubility in water.
3, biochemical pool using biological contact oxidation method, the packing volume of the load is relatively low, the micro-organisms in their own oxidation step, less mud production, only three months (90 days) above the row of mud (with a truck suction or Dehydrated into a cake.
4, the buried sewage treatment equipment, deodorization methods in addition to the use of conventional high-altitude exhaust, with soil deodorization measures.
5, the entire equipment processing system is equipped with automatic electrical control system, safe and reliable operation, usually generally do not need to manage, only timely equipment maintenance and maintenance.

Second, use:
• Ability to handle integrated systems of living systems and similar organic effluents;
• The use of glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel structure, with corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other excellent features, the service life of up to 30 years or more;
• The complete construction of the complete set of equipment is simple and easy to operate. All the machinery and equipment are controlled automatically. All the devices can be installed below the surface