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1. Introduction

The underground integrated sewage treatment equipment, relying mainly on the A/O biochemical process, is used for treatment of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater similar to domestic sewage, which integrates the biodegradation, sewage settling, oxidation, disinfection and other processes, and features compact structure, less land occupation with the whole machine arranged underground, economical operation, strong resistance to organic shock, high treatment efficiency, easy management and maintenance; Upon the use of the user, all the performance of the equipment complies with relevant requirements, and the product has been approved by the State Environmental Protection Administration. These products will surely make benefit to the protection of the living environment of mankind.

2. the equipment characteristics
1, can be buried below the surface, the upper part of the plant planting flowers, lawn, can also be set in the room.
2, no impact on the surrounding environment, less sludge generated, the noise is less than two types of regional standards.
3, automatic control, no professional management.
4, easy to operate, easy maintenance, new technology, the effect is good, long service life.
5, the equipment can be arranged according to the standard, but also with the terrain need special layout.

3, the scope of equipment
1, the amount of water treatment: standard type 1.0 ~ 80.0 (m3 / h), greater than 80.0 (m3 / h) need to be designed separately.
2, raw water concentration: BOD5: standard ≤ 250mg / L, enhanced ≤ 400mg / L, more than 400 mg / L when the need to design.
3, equipment is mainly applied to residential areas, hotels, docks, airports, shopping malls, nursing homes, schools, factories and mines and other industries of domestic sewage and similar industrial waste water.

4, sewage treatment equipment, material selection
1, all stainless steel structure
2, A3 steel structure
3, (Q235) steel, FRP composite structure
4, FRP (FRP) round
5, reinforced concrete structure

The main technical parameters