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Hospital sewage refers to the hospital (general hospitals, professional hospitals and other types of hospitals, blood banks) to the natural environment or urban sewage discharge of sewage. The main pollutants contained in the hospital effluent are: pathogens (parasitic eggs, pathogens, viruses, etc.), organic matter, floating and suspended matter, radioactive pollutants, etc., depending on the nature of the hospital, size and location of the hospital. , Untreated raw sewage in the total amount of bacteria up to 108 / mL or more. Hospital sewage sources and complex ingredients, including pathogenic microorganisms, toxic and harmful physical and chemical pollutants and radioactive contamination, with space pollution, acute infection and latent infection and other characteristics, without effective treatment will become an important way to spread disease Serious pollution of the environment:

I developed the hospital sewage treatment equipment using biochemical treatment ----- biological contact oxidation plus chlorine dioxide generator disinfection process, set to remove BOD5, COD, NH3-N in one, is the more efficient sewage Processing equipment. After the treatment of sewage to "national medical institutions sewage discharge standards" GB18466-2005 emission standards.

■ equipment can be buried below the surface, the surface can be used as green or square land;
■ equipment does not account for surface area, no room to build, but no heating insulation;
■ equipment operating costs low;
■ equipment can be set according to the water level control mode, to achieve automatic operation;
■ equipment treatment effect is good, the water to the national medical institutions sewage standards GB18466-2005;

■ hospitals, hospitals, central blood stations, private hospitals, specialist hospitals, CDC, epidemic prevention stations, medical institutions.